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Welcome to Guru Nanak Dev Public Sr. Sec. School.

Guru Nanak Dev Public Sr. Sec. School (affiliated to CBSE) est. in 1976. Our Goal is to provide World class Education. School was established in 1968 with a vision to provide Quality education to the surrounding areas. Since then, we have been working hard to realize our vision. We have well qualified faculty who have expertise in their respective areas. The School has strength of about 1500 students.

Today, Education is completely different what it used to be few years ago. It is not only about imparting information but to develop overall personality of students. In this era of communication and internet, you can get any information just on a click. Classroom cannot function in a traditional way. Coming to classroom means to be much more than just reading books.

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Why chose us

At Guru Nanak Dev Public Sr. Sec. School, we are committed to promoting ethos which is underpinned by core values. These values support the development of a child, giving them a framework which encourages them to be the best version of themselves.


We aspire to infuse the passion for learning as we believe it is an important attribute for all Sanskaarians. By bringing passion to daily activities and responsibilities, it will ensure to drive you, motivate you and inspire you to achieve success.


We encourage an environment that helps all children to take responsibility for their decisions. We make sure to create opportunities for them to actively take care of their duties and answer for their own actions.


We believe every individual should learn to express gratitude and a positive attitude causing a chain reaction of positive thoughts, actions and outcomes which spark extraordinary results.

Our Vision

Vision of this school is to provide quality education to its surrounding area. We work hard to realize our vision. We prepare our students to deal with the challenges of life and make them ready to be able to contribute to the society.

Our Mission

Our mission for the year is ” No child to be left behind”. Our mission will reach as many students as possible without compromising the quality of education.